About Us

The MyIndigoCard is available to residents of the United States over the age of 18. This card was introduced in the market for consumers whose credit is not too high and who want to restore it with one-time payments.

The annual fees for which the applicant prequalifies are determined by examining the credit profile. Kindly remember that not everyone is qualified for the lowest APR and/or the lowest annual rate. Annual rates are as follows: $ 0 23.9% APR annual rate, $ 59 23.9% APR annual rate, $ 75 first year, $ 99 after 23.9% APR.

The MyIndigoCard cards are a great way to make a purchase of the items online or from any store in the country where this card is accepted. As long as your card bears the Visa or Mastercard logo, most retailers accept it for billing. However, there are many ways that a credit card can help you to get rid of the issues. The card also helps the person to get rid of carrying the cash everywhere and anywhere.

For Indigo Mastercard, registering with MyIndigoCard is a wonderful tool used by cardholders. It allows people to sign up for an account on the official portal where they can track their expenses. You can track your recent purchases, credit card balance, credit limit, loan amount, etc. Also, you can check the transaction history easily on the official portal.

MyIndigoCard has been in the market for a good time now. People having a bit low credit score effectively uses this card to improve the same which helps them to apply for the loans too. If you have MyIndigoCard, you must definitely register it at www.myindigocard.com and make sure that you access all the benefits and services offered by the portal.

The MyIndigoCard online portal is extremely simple and secure to use for each and every user. It is necessary to activate the card before using the same.