Salient Features

MyIndigoCard is a credit card introduced specifically for candidates with little or no credit. Too often, credit card companies reject an order because of past financial liabilities. This card makes sure that you are able to improve your credit score and also apply for the loans in the near future.

The weak credit score can actually stop you from achieving your dreams of fulfilling your goals. However, with a little effort from the MyIndigoCard, you can restore your credit reputation to the fullest. The card is purely launched for the people having a poor credit score and is not able to apply for the loans.

MyIndigoCard Salient Features

Some of the salient features of using this card are as follows:

  • The annual interest rate (APR) is much lower (around 23.9%) than many other credit cards available in the market.
  • The MyIndigoCard bills range from $ 0 to $ 99 a year, that purely depends on your credit rating and account history.
  • $ 0 to $ 99: Annual fees are solely based on your individual credit profile and not everyone is entitled to the lowest annual fees on the platform.
  • The application and approval process is much easier as compared to other cards available in the market and more relaxed compared to other credit cards.
  • can help you even if you don’t have a penny in your bank account and are bankrupt because no deposit or compensation is required
  • MyIndigoCard does not offer rewards and there is a $ 300 fixed credit on the card for everyone

This card is an ideal option if you wish to increase your balance and improve your credit rating that is good enough to apply for the loan. The portal is extremely secure and easy for each and every user to use. The registration procedure on this portal hardly takes any time and effort from the users.